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“Who is looking out for You?”

The Home Watch Industry today is needed more than ever!  With the growing intensity of storms, issues with squatters, vandalism, mold/mildew, power outages just to name a few.  The vision of Looking Glass Home Watch is to provide scheduled inspection services of your property while you are away, in order to minimize your concerns.    Whether your home or condo is used for vaction or its your permanent residence, a smart strategy is have someone you trust use their trained eye check for you. So now the question is:

“Who is looking out for You?”

“What is Home Watch”

You have heard it called property watch, house check, caretaker, absentee home service, etc.  Home Watch essentially is a service conducted by a trained professional.  This person will visit your home 2 – 4 times a month to perform visual inspections looking for obvious issues.  At Looking Glass Home Watch we realize each home is unique so we will tailor our visits to meet your needs.

Exterior of Home

  • Check mail and look for packages
  • Clear newspapers, flyers
  • Visual check of roof, plugged gutters, or damaged drainpipes
  • Visual check of lawn maintenance to include irrigation system
  • Check doors and windows for damage or signs of break-in
  • Check pool/spa for obvious issues
  • Check exterior lighting
  • Inspect for obvious insect or pest presence
  • Visual check of dock/boat
  • Open and close the garage door lubricate as necessary

Interior of Home

  • Ensure security system is operating correctly
  • Check for vandalism/break-ins
  • Run water in all sinks and tubs
  • Check under sinks, toilets, appliances for water leakage
  • Monitor thermostats and adjust for seasonal changes
  • Monitor interior temp and humidity levels
  • Visually check ceiling, floors, and walls for obvious issues
  • Check lights and fans
  • Check electric panel
  • Check fire/smoke/CO2 alarms
  • Inspect Air Filters

Concierge Services

  • Emergency and key holding services in case of alarm activation calls we can serve as your source to check your property
  • Meeting service contractors and allowing access i.e. Alarm, Cleaning, HVAC, etc
  • Meet deliveries
  • Install/Retract hurricane shutters
  • Tailor your requirements for an efficient departure/arrival for you and your family

We use the QRIDit Home Watch Reporting System to provide our clients with details about our visit.